How Much does Rhinoplasty Cost?

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This is an important question and can be broken into two separate questions; first how much will Rhinoplasty cost in the UK, and secondly, how much will it cost abroad?

Cost of Rhinoplasty in the UK

As is mentioned above you will be unable to get Rhinoplasty on the NHS unless it is done for health reasons, but you can still go private and get it done. If you are thinking of getting it done in the UK, the price will vary depending on the operation you are looking to have; whether it is open or closed, and how much you want changed. For example it will cost a lot more for a complete change than for a simple bump removal. However, in general the price range you should be looking at is between £3000 and £4000, though some private clinics may charge as much as £5000. One factor you need to be aware of is any regional price differences that might exist; it may be cheaper to have the procedure done in one part of the country than another. It is important though, for you to remember that you should not choose a surgeon just because they are cheaper than other alternatives. Before you go under the knife make sure you know as much as you can about your surgeon, that way you'll be able to make an informed decision and the best choice for you.

Cost of Rhinoplasty Abroad

However, if you do not want the procedure to be done in the UK then there are a number of other countries that have Rhinoplasty surgeons; the most famous being the USA (though India has the longest history of performing the operation). Before you choose to go abroad, however, you need to be aware of a number of problems; the first is that other countries may not have the safety record of the UK or America and the governing bodies that control surgery may not have the same standards. This is important because you need to make sure that your surgeon is fully qualified rather than a backstreet surgeon who might botch your job. Therefore before deciding on going abroad make sure you are even more thorough about checking your surgeon out, especially if you go outside the EU or America. The second consideration that needs to be made is that you need to also pay to get to the country and need to be able to afford to stay there. This will invariably increase the price (possibly beyond what it would be in the UK) and therefore you need to look into this. An interesting way of looking at it, as mentioned by a few websites, is to treat your Rhinoplasty as a holiday and stay for a few weeks rather than just for the duration of the operation and get your full money's worth for the plane tickets. When looking on the internet for Rhinoplasty abroad, you need to be aware that a number of websites claim to offer cheap deals on foreign Rhinoplasty; while many of them will be real and genuine, you need to be aware of those that are offering substandard Rhinoplasty, or are even outright false. If, though, you do decide to go outside the UK for your treatment then the prices are definitely cheaper, for example a surgery in Poland is offering Rhinoplasty for £1680, far cheaper than the minimum of £3000 that you will have to pay in the UK.

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