How long will it take Me to Recover from Rhinoplasty?

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The side effects of Rhinoplasty are similar to those of any normal operation. If the Rhinoplasty makes any changes to the inside of the nose then the surgeon will put small nasal packs into the nostrils and remove them the next morning. If there is only external change then the surgeon will place bandages around the nose. Any bandages you have will be removed after about six days. During the first few days after the operation there will be some swelling around the eyes, though this will begin to disappear soon after the operation. To help the process of healing it helps if you rest elevating your head. Your surgeon will also tell you to rest for the next forty eight hours and not to partake in any strenuous exercise. To help aid the swelling you should apply a cold mask or ice to the eyelids or any exposed part of the face as much as you can over the first forty eight hours. However, if the swelling continues for two to three days after the operation do not be alarmed; this is normal and the swelling will soon start to go down. After the operation to aid recovery you will normally be asked to take a week off work as this will allow you to rest and not require you to partake in any strenuous exercise. Further side effects of the surgery include nausea and pain, though these are usually managed through mild narcotics by your doctor or consultant. If you do not see an immediate change do not worry, it is estimated that it takes around a year for about 80% of the healing to take place, thus making the process slow.

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