What are the Risks of Rhinoplasty?

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Before discussing the risks of Rhinoplasty it is important that you remember that Rhinoplasty, although an operation, is for the most part safely carried out without any problems or issues. However, this does not mean that there are no risks attached to the operation; some of those risks are mentioned below.

The most common risk that occurs from Rhinoplasty, other than the mistakes that will be discussed below, are the complications that can arise as a result of the surgery. Of these, one of the most common is a chest or nose infection. These, however, are not normally serious and are treated using antibiotics, and are thought to occur in no more than around 1% of cases. The second most common complication that arises from Rhinoplasty are nose bleeds; while some of these are minor things, nothing more than a typical nose bleed, some are heavier requiring hospital treatment. These normally tend to occur shortly after the operation, normally within a week to ten days, and so are usually a short term complication that disappears as the nose begins to heal.

If a surgeon has inserted implants then there is the possibility that they will push through the lining of your nose causing damage. If this occurs then they will need to be taken out; it is important for you to remember that, unlike the nose bleeds, this is a long term complication and can happen months or even years after you have had the operation. This complication is more likely to arise if you have an accident after the surgery or if the surgeon has used large implants. You should also be aware of the possibility of burst blood vessels. While these are rare, they are usually permanent and will manifest themselves as small red dots on the nose.

When discussing the risks of Rhinoplasty is it advisable that you are completely honest with your surgeon. Doing this will allow them to give you the most honest advise they can; this should include any recreational drug use and/or alcohol intake. If you tell the surgeon everything you can about your history and lifestyle then they will be able to make a fully informed decision and make you completely aware of the risks that you will face when undergoing Rhinoplasty. You are also strongly advised to research your doctor before you undergo any surgery with them; DO NOT simply go with a doctor because they are the cheapest as this rarely means that you will get the best medical care, or the most skilled surgeon. It is best to look around and make sure you get a surgeon you feel comfortable with and one whom you trust your looks with. A good thing to look for is the number of years' experience they have as this will help to minimalize any of the risks mentioned above as it makes it more likely that they will have dealt with them before and know how to avoid them. It should be remembered, though, that while there is the possibility of complications, when they do arise, they are rare and when they do occur, usually mild with serious complications being extremely rare.

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