What are the Side Effects of Rhinoplasty?

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The first potential danger of a Rhinoplasty operation that you should be aware about is one that is general to every operation performed around the world; the danger of anaesthetic. These side effects include haematoma (bleeding) and breathing difficulties. Along with this, you may feel dizzy and unwell for a little while after the operation. It should be noted though that the latter side effects are being minimalized through the drugs that are used in modern hospitals.

Specific Side Effects to Rhinoplasty

There are, however, other side effects that are specific to the Rhinoplasty operation. These include nose infections and loss of smell; though you should remember that the latter is incredibly rare. A further side effect that should be noted is that, because of the swelling that comes with the nature of the operation, the surgeon may initially miss any abnormalities or deformities that are shown up because of the Rhinoplasty, or were caused by the operation. This, though rare, is most commonly experienced if you are having the operation because of an accident, making the surgeon rush more than they would do otherwise. Also if you require a graft from another part of your body then the area from which the graft has been taken will be sore at the site for up to two weeks and you may also be left with a slight scar.

It is also important to remember that though Rhinoplasty has come a long way in the three thousand years since it was first performed, it is still not a perfect procedure and irregular healing of the bone or cartilage can cause internal or external irregularities which may or may not be visible. It is important to note though, that for the most part the operation goes off without complication except in 5% of cases where the patient may need a revision.

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