What is Water Assisted Liposuction?

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Water assisted liposuction involves the use of a water jet to break down the fat cells underneath the skin. This removes the fat cells from the rest of the tissue causing less trauma when they are removed and allowing for quicker recovery.

Water Assisted Liposuction Procedure

Water assisted liposuction is performed under a local anaesthetic if the treatment area is small or a general anaesthetic if the area is sensitive or a large amount of fat needs to be removed. Once the anaesthetic has numbed the area or you have fallen asleep, the surgeon will place an incision in the treatment area. Sometimes lidocaine is also added to the water to further reduce the discomfort. An incision will be placed in the treatment area through which the water jet is placed into the body. The water uses a controlled pressure flow of water to break down the fat cells making the fat easy to remove through suction.

Recovery from water assisted liposuction is relatively short and the majority of patients say that they do not need pain killers. You should take one or two days off work to relax after the treatment and after that will be able to return to a relatively normal daily life. You should avoid heavy activities or lifting for a few weeks to ensure that you have fully healed from the water assisted liposuction.

Benefits of Water Assisted Liposuction

The water jet used in water assisted liposuction removes the fat from the surrounding tissues. This means there is less damage to the surrounding tissue. The recovery period is shortened by this as there is less bruising, swelling, and bleeding to repair.

Water assisted liposuction is a more gentle form of liposuction compared to techniques such as traditional liposuction. This means that it causes less trauma and can also be aimed at specific pockets of fat. It also lessens the amount of time that you will spend in surgery meaning that the risk of complications and infection are reduced. It also means that the cost is lower as you will be paying for less of the surgeon's time.

Water assisted liposuction can also be used to treat more delicate areas such as the neck. It can be used to treat several areas in one treatment meaning that it is diverse and limiting the need for repeat procedures in different areas.

Disadvantages of Water Assisted Liposuction

tuThere are some risks associated with water assisted liposuction. The results may be irregular due to the accumulation of water in one area. It can also cause blood clots because of the collection of blood outside of the vessels. You will experience some temporary swelling and bruising at the sight of treatment.

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