How Long is Recovery from Liposuction?

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The recovery period for liposuction varies greatly depending on the area treated and the amount of fat that was removed. This means that the final results of your liposuction could be seen between one to six months.

Recovery from Traditional Liposuction

Traditional liposuction is a traumatic process for the body and as a result, it requires more time to heal. With traditional liposuction blood, loss is higher creating more bruising and swelling to the area. It can take several months for this to fully heal meaning that the final results will be visible after about six months.

Recovery from Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction allows a much easier recovery than traditional liposuction as the tissue damage is limited. The bruising normally goes down within two weeks. The final results will be visible after about four months when your body has fully recovered from treatment.

Recovery from Vaser Liposuction

Recovery from vaser liposuction is quite quick as the incisions are minimal and blood loss, swelling, and bruising are reduced. However, you will still experience some bruising, which will heal over the first few weeks of recovery. Once this has gone down you will start to notice the results of your surgery, which will become clear after three months.

Recovery from Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction causes less swelling and bruising than other types of liposuction. Bruising usually disappears within a few days of the treatment and swelling takes about a week to go down. Once the swelling has gone down you will be able to return to your daily life- style and see the results of your surgery.

Aiding Liposuction Recovery

You should do everything that you can to aid your liposuction recovery. This will help to reduce the number of complications and get the results that you expect. The best way to aid your recovery is to follow the instructions of your surgeon accurately. These instructions are put in place to ensure that the incisions heal as well and as quickly as possible, that no complications develop, that scarring is minimal, and that you get the results that you expect from surgery.

You are likely to feel some pain whether it is mild or severe for a few weeks after your treatment. This should be treated with pain killers and if recommended by your surgeon compression clothing may reduce the swelling and aid the symptoms.

You will need to relax for about a week after treatment. This means refraining from physical activity although you will still be able to walk and may be able to return to work after a short period of time.

During your recovery time, you should make sure that you drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and should avoid alcohol for at least two days after the procedures. You will be told not to get your treatment site wet for a minimum of one week after surgery. This means that you should not go in the bath, hot tub, pool, or sea.

If you begin to notice any severe pain, redness, or heat in the treatment area and are concerned about the appearance of the site, you should seek medical advice to ensure that the incisions are not infected. If bandages are applied to, the area these will require changing on a regular basis and you should ensure that this is done carefully and regularly.

You should eat healthily during your recovery time as weight loss or gain can lead to irregularities in your shape when the final results are apparent. It is not the case that you will not be able to gain weight or gain more fat in the treatment area after liposuction although fat will become more easily distributed around your body.

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