Is it Cheaper to Travel Abroad for Liposuction?

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With the relatively high costs of cosmetic surgery in the UK, many people are turning to other countries, which offer liposuction much cheaper. This is a big decision to make, as foreign clinics may not meet the same standards of UK clinics.

Things to Consider With Liposuction Abroad

When thinking about having liposuction abroad, you should consider the costs of travel, and accommodation whilst you are there. This can be higher than you expect and should always be added to the cost of surgery. Some companies offer package deals, which combine the cost of travel, surgery, and accommodation. Whilst this can be a cheap option you should be weary of companies marketing liposuction as a holiday. Surgery is a life- changing process and should not be taken as lightly as a holiday.

Finding a Cosmetic Surgeon Abroad

Whether you are abroad or in the UK the quality of your cosmetic surgeon is essential to having successful treatment. Qualifications abroad will differ from those in the UK so it is important that you research what qualifications are needed in your chosen country. You should try to research foreign clinics online to find reputable companies, which are tried and tested by UK patients. This may mean paying more than some clinics, which will offer up to 75% off the UK price.

UK Firms Offering Liposuction Abroad

There are many companies in the UK, which offer you liposuction abroad with the peace of mind of a UK consultant. This can be beneficial if you are considering liposuction abroad as it allows you to arrange travel, surgery, accommodation, and after- care in the UK whilst giving you the benefit of lower costs. However you should not assume that because a UK company is arranging your surgery that the surgery will be of high standard. You should always check the reputation of both the UK company and the foreign surgeon. It is also important that you know what is included in your fees. Extra costs to be aware of may include:

  • Pain medication and bandages
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Cost of staying in hospital if necessary
  • Cost of complications
  • Cost of anaesthetic
  • Initial consultation
  • Cost of UK after care if required

Problems with Liposuction Abroad

Although having liposuction abroad can provide you with the same results as UK liposuction at a fraction of the cost, there are more risks and complications associated with liposuction abroad. You should be aware of these in order to make an informed decision about whether or not to undergo liposuction in a different country.

Foreign clinics may not have the same standards as most UK clinics, this means that experience and hygiene may be at risk. It is important that you ensure that your clinic is hygienic and that your surgeon is experienced. It is difficult to do this if the clinic is abroad as you cannot visit the clinic easily. You should make sure that you use a reputable clinic and seek online reviews from other patients.

Language barriers can be an issue as liposuction is a personal treatment and the results of your surgery can depend on accurate communication with your surgeon. Failure to communicate successfully can lead to you being disappointed with the results. You should try to visit a clinic where the surgeons are fluent in English or you are fluent in the official language of the country. If this is not possible then you will need to hire a translator, which could add a great expense to the cost of your liposuction.

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