What is Micro Liposuction?

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Micro liposuction is a new technique, which allows surgeons to perform liposuction on smaller, more delicate areas such as the neck, face, and chin. This is achieved using small incisions and cannulas, which cause little swelling and scarring.

Micro Liposuction Technique

Micro liposuction is the same as any other technique that uses tumescent fluid, the only difference is that the cannula used is tiny, usually being less than 2 mm in diameter. It is usually performed under a local anaesthetic that is injected into the treatment are as a tumescent fluid, which also seals off the blood vessels minimising bleeding. The cannula is then inserted into the small incisions and is used to break down the fat cells. Once this has happened the fat is removed through the incisions using suction.

Benefits of Micro Liposuction

Micro liposuction comes with many benefits. It causes very little pain or discomfort as the incisions are so small. This also means that there is less chance of infection and that the minimal scarring can easily be concealed in the body's natural contours.

The recovery time from micro liposuction is very rapid due to the little amount of trauma that is caused. You will be able to return to your normal lifestyle within three days of undergoing micro liposuction. This makes the treatment extremely cost effective, as you do not have to take a long period of time off work.

The size of the equipment used during micro liposuction means that the surgeon can be very precise. This means that they can deliver the optimum results, as their work is accurate. It also means that they can treat sensitive areas such as the face and neck without causing major discomfort or swelling.

Disadvantages of Micro Liposuction

As with all surgeries, there are some disadvantages of micro liposuction. Although the incisions are small and there is normally little damage the sensitivity of the areas treated with micro liposuction means that they can easily become damaged and this can be highly visible.

Micro liposuction uses tumescent fluid as a local anaesthetic. With tumescent fluid, there is always the risk of lidocaine poisoning where the concentration of lidocaine in the fluid is too high. This can be fatal and the lack of standardised guidelines makes choosing the correct amount difficult.

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