Is Liposuction available on the NHS?

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Liposuction is generally considered to be a cosmetic procedure and as a result of this it is rarely provided on the NHS. However, there are a few circumstances, in which liposuction would be beneficial to your health rather than your appearance and would therefore be provided on the NHS.

What Conditions Make You Eligible for Liposuction on the NHS?

If you are seen to suffer from severe psychological problems as a result of your body shape, and this has failed to improve through diet and exercise you may be eligible for treatment on the NHS. However, this will require psychological assessment and monitoring over a long period of time. It also means that you will have to try hard to lose their fat by making lifestyle changes. It is very rare for the NHS to grant liposuction for psychological reasons but if you believe that your body shape is having an adverse effect on your mental well- being, you should speak to your GP about the possibility of treatment.

There are also physical conditions, which can cause your body to gain abnormal amounts of fat and fluid in certain areas. The conditions Lipoma, Lymphoedema, and Lipodystrophy Syndrome all fall into this category. The cause a certain area of your body to gain fat and fluid causing it to swell making it appear abnormal and disproportionate. If you suffer from these conditions, you should talk to your GP about the possibility of removing the growth using liposuction.

Getting Liposuction on the NHS

If you believe that you are eligible for liposuction on the NHS, you should make an appointment to see your GP and discuss your options. It is likely that you will have to try other treatment options before NHS treatment. Your GP will assess your condition and send you for further analysis if necessary. If it is decided that you will be given liposuction on the NHS there is likely to be a long wait. Because of this wait, some people decide that they would rather pay to have private treatment.

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