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Body Lift surgery is a surgical method of removing excess fat and skin which can be aesthetically displeasing and therefore damaging to your self-esteem and general body confidence. Many people who have undertaken gastric bypass surgery (also known as stomach stapling or stomach banding) choose Body Lift surgery to complete their cosmetic transformation.

The loss of natural elasticity in the skin

The skin is a naturally elasticated organ due to the Elastin fibres present. Elastin fibres in the skin allow us to carry out day to day activities comfortably and practically - everything from walking and talking to more strenuous activities such as physical exercise and extension, ensuring that our skin returns to its original shape once the activity is finished. As we get older, the Elastin fibres naturally break down, leaving many older people with less tight and therefore saggy and wrinkled skin. This is completely normal, and happens to everyone. When a person has undergone a significant change in weight however, the degradation process can be sped up significantly. If you think about a rubber band, the more you stretch it, the less elasticated it gets, and the bigger the shape is when you take away the tension of pulling it apart. This is exactly what happens with your skin. Whether you have lost the weight naturally or through surgery, your skin will often be too stretched out to return to a tight and smooth condition. This can leave you feeling down about the way you look, as when you envisioned reaching your target weight, you probably also imagined a smooth and 'bikini-ready' body. It is, however, nothing to worry about, and can be fixed quickly with body lift surgery.

Body Lift surgery after Gastric Bypass surgery

If you have had gastric bypass surgery, then it is advised that you wait on average around 12 - 18 months before going ahead with the procedure. This is due to the necessity of remaining a stable wait for around 3 - 6 months prior to your surgery, as it is very important that you have lost all the excess weight for the operation to go successfully and produce the best results possible. It will also leave time for a comprehensive recovery from your surgery, limiting the amount of potential complications that come with any surgical procedure.

Body Lift surgery after dramatic weight loss

Just because many patients of the surgical weight loss procedures opt to go for the Body Lift surgery doesn't mean that you can't go ahead with it if you haven't. The Body Lift surgery process is becoming more and more popular as a method of eradicating extreme signs of ageing and childbearing. Many men and women of an older age suffer quite dramatically with a severe loss of the elasticity in the skin, resulting in an appearance that makes them look older and less attractive then they would like. Many women who have given birth can also suffer with a severe loss of elasticty in the skin, especially if they have had a large family, or twins, triplets and more. This leaves many people stuck in a rut over their appearance, but with Body Lift surgery, this problem can be solved, resulting in a younger looking, smoother and tighter body.

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