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There are many advantages to Body Lift surgery, and the procedure has proved to improve countless people's appearances over the years. This can serve to increase confidence, boost self-esteem and promote a more active and full lifestyle. Like anything though, there are a couple of potential disadvantages, and it is important that every person thinking about undergoing this surgery understands both positives and negatives before making a final decision.

Improvements to your appearance

One of the primary reasons many people decide to undergo Body Lift surgery is to improve their appearance. The majority of Body Lift surgery patients have undergone a dramatic weight loss, whether this is from weight loss surgery such as the gastric band, or natural weight loss through healthy life style choices, dieting and exercise. But after a very dramatic drop in weight, the skin often becomes saggy and loose, resulting in unattractive and almost immovable folds of skin in various key area, especially the stomach, the tops of the thighs, the arms and the face.

By literally cutting away this excess skin and fat that cannot be moved, Body Lift surgery aims to leave you with a smoother silhouette, and tighter more supple skin. This means that clothes that you may have found a struggle to make look appealing before such as tight dresses or t-shirts will now show off your new, slimmer figure.

Lots of patients of Body Lift surgery also opt to undergo extra cosmetic surgery at the same time of their Body Lift. These typically include breast enhancement and face lifts. This means that when you wake up and have taken the time to recover from the surgery, you will almost be like a completely different person; younger, fresher and much more physically attractive. This combination is not always available however, but your surgeon will be able to inform you of the possibility of such in your consultations.

Improvements to self-esteem

Naturally, after achieving a brand new positive body image many people experience a new sense of self confidence that they may never have felt before. This is especially true in people who may have been living with the stubborn folds of skin for a long period of time, and have only just got around to doing something about it. This can be an amazing feeling, and will enhance the transformation of you as a person in both your appearance and your personal well-being.

This new found happiness comes from looking and feeling better. Because you will no longer have those troublesome areas on your body, you may feel more confident to start partaking in a more active lifestyle, which in turn can prove to make you a healthier and happier person, even perhaps meeting new friends along the way. The effects of the Body Lift surgery can therefore be life-changing to some people.

It is important to remember though that you will not look amazing as soon as you wake up from your surgery. You will be bandaged and bruised, and pretty exhausted, so probably not looking your best. Although you will feel the change within yourself, you may not look the way you imagined in your head. However, you just need to have patience. The entire healing process after a Body Lift can take up to 2 months to complete, and the healing of your scars can take even longer yet – up to one year. If you stay positive and in the right frame of mind though, you should be able to look forward to a foreseeable future where you look like that picture in your head. You just need patience and maybe a little bit of perseverance.

Potential Disadvantages to Body Lift surgery

Although many people have experience great advantages through Body Lift surgery, others have experiences a few disadvantages. Although these do not happen to everyone, it is good to know about potential complications and negatives before you go through with the procedure.

Firstly, there are certain risks and complications that can occur during the surgery. These range from your wounds getting infected after the surgery, to internal bleeding maybe during or directly after the surgery. Although a lot of the time these problems can be sorted out, they may leave nasty scarring, or a deterioration in your health. This is not what you expect from a cosmetic procedure, and is not a common occurrence.

It is also very important to remember that although Body Lift surgery has the potential to increase your self esteem and make you look and feel amazing, it is not guaranteed. You may not end up looking the way you thought you would look, which could ultimately leave you feeling worse about yourself than you previously did. Body Lift surgery is not a psychological treatment and some problems focused around self esteem and confidence issues will not be fixed just by looking better on the outside. If you do suffer from confidence issues then talk to your surgeon about it within your consultation, they will be able to offer you advice on perhaps seeing someone about the way you feel and give you general guidance.

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