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After any cosmetic enhancement procedure, the majority of people will feel a little bit dazed about the change. This is especially true in the direct aftermath of the operation, as you will be bandaged up and feeling quite exhausted and maybe groggy from the effects of the anaesthesia. Once you have recovered from this feeling, you may experience some feelings of anxiety about the results of the procedure; you will still be bandaged and your body will be going through the healing process. This means that you will not necessarily look exactly how you envisioned before you had the surgery. It is important to remember however that the healing process takes time, and it may be a couple of months in total before you are completely happy with your body.

An increased sense of self-confidence

After the healing process is complete, the majority of people discover a new found self-confidence. Many people experience this feeling as soon as they wake up after the operation, as the excessive folds of skin that would just not move have finally been gotten rid of. This leaves many people with an instant feeling of elation.

However, it is important to realise two things when you decide to go ahead with Body Lift surgery. The first thing is that you have to be realistic about what you wish to achieve from the surgery. You are probably not going to have the bodies Pamela Anderson or Brad Pitt when you emerge from your surgery, but you will have a slender body and tighter skin. Body Lift surgery allows you to maximise the look of your body by giving you a head start, shifting those stubbornly impossible areas and giving you motivation to improve your fitness and health even further. But the achievement of a celebrity body will only come from this self-motivation; muscles and toning are not achievable instantaneously.

The second thing it is important to realise before your surgery is that if you suffer from very low self-esteem, the procedure is not a cure to this, and does not guarantee that you will feel better about yourself or your body, no matter what the changes are. To feel happy about your appearance and the person that you are will take not only a physical change, but a mental one too.

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