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Body Lift surgery is not a simple procedure, and is normally carried out in three different stages. You will have repeated consultations with your surgeon in order to discuss exactly what you want out of the surgery, as well as informing you of precisely what will happen to you in your surgery. Depending on the severity of your individual conditions and what you are personally expecting to achieve, the whole process can take anything from 3 to 7 hours to complete.

The three surgical stages

Because of the amount of places on your body being operated on, it is necessary for the procedure to be performed in three different stages. During the first two stages, fat and skin will be removed from the back, thighs, buttocks and hips; you will be lying down on your front under anaesthesia. The fat and skin is removed by a combination of literally cutting away the excess skin, and with the aid of a liposuction device, which makes it easier for the surgeon to get rid of all of the excess fat and give you the most successful and comprehensive treatment. After these two stages are complete, you will then be turned over in order to operate on the front of your body. You will remain under anaesthesia for the entire process. In the third stage of the Body Lift surgery procedure, a tummy tuck will be performed, and any excess that you may have will also be removed. This will be done in the same way as the first two stages. The surgeon will stitch your skin just below the underwear lines on both men and women. This is to minimise the appearance of the inevitable scarring that you will be left with once you have recovered from the surgery.

Procedures carried out in conjunction with Body Lift surgery

As Body Lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure, many people decide that they would like further cosmetic enhancements at the same time. These can include breast enhancement, bum lifts and, in some cases, face lifts. As the skin on the body will be saggy all over, this can dramatically improve your entire look – though such a drastic change isn't for everyone. If you wish to do this though, going through with the procedures this way can be substantially cheaper than having these cosmetic enhancements completely separately, and, if you know that you wish to undergo certain procedures, will reduce your waiting time to get the body you want.

Duration of the procedure

Most Body Lift procedures will take on average around 3 to 7 hours to complete. The duration of the surgery is completely dependent on you individually, and your surgeon will be able to inform you how long he or she expects to be operating on you. Generally though, the more drastic the change you want, the longer it will take, and the experience of your surgeon can also affect the amount of time you will be on the operating table.

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