Is Body Lift Surgery a Necessity after a Gastric Bypass? - Cosmetic Surgery Guide

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Body Lift surgery is not a necessity after gastric bypass surgery, though many people do make the decision to further enhance their body to achieve the look that they desire to accompany their weight loss.

What will I look like without Body Lift surgery?

In the immediate aftermath of a gastric bypass, you will look and feel very similar to how you did before the surgery. This is because it takes time to lose the excess weight and for your body to completely stabilise and get used to the dramatic change that it has undergone. These changes include you yourself getting used to a sometimes quite radical change in dietary requirements, as well as possibly taking up a much more active lifestyle.

Many patients of weight loss surgery find the quicker weight loss process a massive motivation to start changing their life in many aspects, one being exercise. This means that as you lose the weight, you will be tightening and training your muscles at the same time, aiding your transformation and leaving you to be a much healthier person all around.

When you weight stabilises, many people find that they have an excess of skin. This can vary from the slight - so just very loose and stretchy, maybe even slightly droopy - to the extreme, where many people have complained about not being able to find clothes to fit their new awkward body shape due to the extreme excess of skin in folds. It may be useful for you personally to have a look at patients of gastric bypass surgery to establish what your body could look like. However, no matter how saggy the skin becomes after dramatic weight loss, Body Lift surgery has been shown to dramatically improve the appearance of the skin and body.

Are there any alternatives to Body Lift surgery?

If you really do not wish to undergo Body Lift surgery to help you achieve the look that you want after dramatic weight loss which many people do eventually decide, then there are alternatives.

It has been noted that exercise is a great way to aid the tightening of the skin. Core exercises that tone and strengthen your entire body are the most advantageous is these cases, and classes such as Pilates are one of the best. If you do decide on exercising your way to the ideal body shape, then classes can be one of the most successful ways, as if a session is booked you are less likely to drop out, and the encouragement of other people in the group can support you through the times when you might feel a little bit fed up. This feeling is common, as this method can take a very long time, and you will not receive instant results. However, you will end up healthier and possibly making a few extra friends on the way, so if you do not mind the wait and the strain on your will power, then this could be a good option for you.

Another noted alternative is the application of strong firming moisturising products, and are to be used in combination with exercise. These again though do not guarantee results, and you may be applying a relatively expensive product for months without seeing any effect, if you receive any at all.

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