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The results of Body Lift surgery have left many people feeling much happier with their appearance, increasing their self-confidence and leaving them with the body they had visualised they would have after the loss of so much weight. It is important to be realistic about what you wish to achieve though, as the surgery will not wave a magic wand and leave you with the body you envision if it is too idealistic.

Generally though, the majority of patients enjoy tighter skin and a slimmer body, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing appearance – and hopefully the one that you wanted.

Immediately after the procedure

Immediately after the procedure you may be a little overwhelmed with your appearance, with many previous patient of the surgery joking that they felt a bit 'mummified'. This is because you will be wrapped up pretty much from top to toe in surgical dressings. You will not be able to view your new body fully until you have healed enough to do so, and it is very important you follow the advice of the medical professionals that will be treating you. This will reduce the risk of infection and improve the healing process considerably, making sure that you stay on the right road to recovery.

You may also feel quite uncomfortable initially and perhaps overcome with exhaustion. This however, is completely normal, and it is important to realise that your body has undergone quite intensive surgery, and so needs to be given time to heal and adjust appropriately. However, despite all this you will be able to feel the change instantly, as you will be lighter and have less bulk around your body. As the excess bulk has literally been cut from you and removed entirely, this result is obviously an instant one. The excitement of this may be counteracted slightly from your tiredness, but as soon as you recover, you will be able to enjoy these immediate effects.

Your wounds from the surgery will initially look quite bruised and perhaps slightly swollen. Again, this is nothing to be worried about, and is just an unavoidable effect of undergoing a serious surgical procedure. The bruises and swelling should fade gradually over a period of 1 – 2 weeks. If they haven't – especially in the case of swelling – then you should contact your surgeon as soon as possible.

Weight loss after Body Lift surgery

The majority of people who decide to undergo Body Lift surgery are patients of the gastric bypass weight loss surgery, or have naturally undergone a dramatic weight loss. Before you are given the go ahead for your Body Lift procedure, you will be required to have stayed a constant and stabilised weight for at least 3 – 6 months. This period will depend on both you individually, as well as the surgeon you opt to go with. Because the Body Lift procedure literally removes excess skin and fat, you will again, lose weight. You will no longer have the folds of skin that may have looked unsightly and bumpy underneath your clothes; your skin will be stitched in various places to make it tighter everywhere.

Although scarring is inevitable in any surgical procedure, the surgeon will place your stitches in areas that will be hidden by most swimwear, so just underneath the lines where underwear normally sits. The severity of each person's scars depends on the person individually, but there are always certain measures that you can undertake to reduce the scarring. These generally consist of cosmetic products such as oils, creams and gels, and your practitioner's will usually have a list of recommended products.

The Duration of the results

The duration of the results of Body Lift surgery is lifelong. As long as you carry on exercising, choosing healthy lifestyle choices and are committed to maintaining the new weight that you have achieved, then there is no reason that you will regain the weight, and your skin will remain fold-free. Body Lift surgery does not make you immune to the ageing process however, and as you get older, your skin will naturally age and sag, but it should not return to the severity of your prior condition. Living a healthier lifestyle and looking after your body will not only maximise the results of your surgery, but will also work to make you feel a lot better about yourself, and ensure that the whole process has been a worthwhile one.

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