Who is suitable for Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery?

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Throughout life, our skin loses elasticity. When this occurs around the eyes it can really age an individual as creases form and the eye looks less alert. Not only this, but the muscles also loose their tautness and give an appearance of large bags under your eyes, which may even appear quite puffy.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure that has been designed to remove any excess fat, muscle and skin that is around the eyes. This can widen the eyes and give a much more youthful, awake appearance. To achieve this youthful result, the surgery can be performed on both the upper and lower lids either in the same operation or not.

Anyone is allowed to consider cosmetic eyelid surgery and have a consultation with a surgeon who will carry out the procedure but it is up to the surgeon as to whether you are suitable for cosmetic eyelid surgery. This can depend on a number of factors.

Firstly, you need to be in overall good physical health. Complications can arise in surgery if you have other medical conditions or are generally unhealthy so it is important to tell the truth about your physical wellbeing. A surgeon will not perform a procedure if they think it will be a risk to your health.

You need to explain what the problem with your eyelids is. This may be obvious if the skin is drooping down and covering your vision but perception differs between individuals so you need to explain what parts you are unhappy with. Generally, if there is bulging fat, the skin is drooping and the eyes look tired or the vision is affected, a surgeon will consider you for surgery.

There are a number of conditions that can cause complications especially conditions related to your eyes. These include glaucoma, dry eyes or detached retina as these conditions can become more aggravated after the surgery. Also, if you have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism or Graves disease, there is a probability that you will not be considered suitable for the surgery.

Usually, you have to be over the age of 18 to undergo the surgery. Most candidates for cosmetic eyelid surgery are over the age of 35 but there are cases of younger patients who want the procedure.

One of the most important factors is your expectation. It is important that you understand what the surgery will do to your eyes and how you will be affected. Some people come out of surgery and are disappointed by their results because they have unrealistic expectations of the result. Blepharoplasty only affects the eyelids; it will not change your whole facial structure. It will also not get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

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