When Will I see the Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Results?

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Blepharoplasty is usually an extremely successful surgery with a high satisfaction rate. The results of the surgery are not usually shown for the first few months as the area is trying to heal so between 6-9 months you really notice the difference in your appearance. What makes this surgery so successful is that the results are long lasting unlike other treatments available for the same problem. The success rate will also depend on how well the area heals and also how you treat the area from now on.

Generally the eyes look a lot healthier and younger as the skin has been stretched smooth and fine lines have been removed with the use of a laser. Usually you're eyes look less tired as the bags of skin have been removed. Many patients are happy with their outcome and generally feel more confident.

If you have had cosmetic eyelid surgery because they were affecting your vision, then you should notice an improvement, as that skin is simply not obstructing the view any more. Therefore the majority of patients are happy with the outcome.

Maintaining the results

Although the results are long lasting, age and other factors can still have an effect on the area. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to stop these factors from changing the eyelid appearance. Rest is a key factor so ensure that you get plenty of rest. Smoking can cause the skin to droop so avoiding cigarettes will help maintain a healthy look. Good diet and exercise can also make an impact on how healthy the area looks.

Dissatisfaction with the results

Although highly successful, there are cases where patients are dissatisfied with their results. For some, this is because they had unrealistic expectations for the results of the operation so they are therefore disappointed with what they see. It is important to understand fully what the surgery will do to the eyelid area.

Sometimes the surgery can go wrong and another surgery is needed to correct it. This may be that there was insufficient skin removal or too much has been removed. The latter is more of a problem as it can lead to cornea damage, eyelid retraction and trouble closing the eyes to sleep.

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