History of Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

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Around the turn of the 20th century, surgery was on the rise with increasingly new techniques that aided its improvement. There have been huge developments in technology that have helped cosmetic surgery reach the high standards that it is today. However, surgery has actually been around for more centuries than people first believe.

Cosmetic Eyelid surgery dates back to around the 15th century where a surgeon named Aulus Cornelius described the best way to excise the eyelid and there have also been even earlier evidence of cosmetic surgery, as far back as the Egyptian period. The medical term for cosmetic eyelid surgery is blepharoplasty, which was first used in the 1800s by Karl Ferdinand Von Grafe. He performed eyelid surgery for patients with cancers as well as illustrating and writing about the deformed eyes he operated upon.

The World wars in the 1900's saw the best advances in surgery, especially of the cosmetic kind due to the fact that surgeons had numerous patients that they would never have encountered if there wasn't a war. A lot of soldiers arrived from the field with facial wounds, allowing surgeons to refine techniques and test out ideas to work out the best way to perform a procedure.

Technology today is now much more advanced, so much so that you can undergo cosmetic eyelid surgery in a couple of hours and it is not actually necessary that you be put under general anesthetic. Procedure techniques are constantly improving to find the tidiest way to hide scars and to create a look that appears natural. Both lasers and scalpels are used to carry out the procedure and as eyelid skin is one of the finest parts of the body, it is down to improvements in technology, that cosmetic eyelid surgery is so successful today.

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