Can Asian's Have Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery?

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There is a specialized form of Cosmetic eyelid surgery called Asian cosmetic eyelid surgery and it is follows basically the same procedure as blepharoplasty although it has one slight difference. This surgery adds a light crease into the upper eyelid.

Over half of Asians are born without a fold in their upper eyelid so the surgery has the same goals, except it also tries to add in a fold on this part of the eyelid. Asian eyelids without a fold have a rounder appearance and are larger than the average eyelid so Blepharoplasty is carried out in order to change this shape.

As with blepharoplasty, you will need a consultation with the surgeon who will decide if Asian cosmetic eyelid surgery is right for you. They will talk through all the options and it is a good time to ask any questions you may have about the procedure. Don't be embarrassed to ask about the surgeons credentials as you are expecting them to perform surgery on one of the most delicate areas of skin, therefore you will want to know how skilled they are in performing the operation.

If you decide to have the surgery and you are suitable for the procedure, surgery will be arranged. You will be put under a light sedation, as the surgeon will need you to be awake in order for you to open and close your eyes to ensure that they are putting the fold in the correct place. Once the surgeon has taken out the excess fat, they will make an incision for the skin fold. They will check that it is in the right place before finishing the procedure.

Once you have undergone the surgery, don't be worried when you first look in the mirror as usually the crease will look higher than it should. Within a short period of time, the fold will have dropped to the correct height. There is usually a longer recovery time on Asian cosmetic eyelid surgery, as the area is swollen for a longer period of time. There are also the same risks as blepharoplasty, some of which include infection, unsatisfactory results, retraction of the eyelid and vision problems. However, these are very rare and your surgery should be successful.

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