What are the Side Effects of Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery?

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After cosmetic eyelid surgery, there will undoubtedly be some side effects as the operation has involved cutting your eyelids, removing excess fat and stitching the area back together. Therefore, your body will respond to the invasion with a number of side effects:

  • Swelling - The eyelids and the area around will be swollen, as the skin is very delicate in these areas. This can last for around ten days but sometimes it can be weeks before the area eventually settles down.
  • Bruising – The eyelids are made of very thin skin and the incisions will have caused the area to bruise easily. The bruising, like the swelling, should gradually reduce over the next ten days
  • Scarring - The incision will leave scars, as it is a cut upon the skin. However, they will not be very noticeable as many surgeons cut along the natural creases of the eyelids so these hide any scars.
  • Sensitivity - Your eyes might be more sensitive to UV light and wind. This can be helped by wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • Pain - There is going to be some pain as the area is sensitive. Over the counter painkillers will help deal with the pain. If it becomes unbearable, you should contact your surgeon.
  • Dry-itchy eyes – this can be quite an irritable side effect of the surgery and eye drops may be needed in order to counter this side effect.
  • Watery eyes – An opposite side effect might occur whereby your eyes don't stop watering. Like all the other side effects, it should go away a few days after surgery.
  • Blurred Vision - Your vision may be slightly impaired for a few days after the surgery as your eyes are adjusting to the surgery.

All of these side effects are relatively minor and should disappear within two weeks of your surgery. If they continue to persist or are causing you a lot of discomfort then contact your surgeon for advice.

If you have been put under general anesthetic for your surgery, then you will feel a few other side effects as well. You may be disorientated when you wake up, often your coordination is out of sync and you lack common sense. Therefore, its best if you have someone to look after you until the effects have worn off.

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