Who Can Use REGAINE® Products?

REGAINE® foam is recommended for men aged between 18 and 49. This is a product which is marketed at younger men who suffer from hereditary hair loss and the cut off age is 49. This is based on the highest age of the participants in the clinical trials that were submitted for licence. REGAINE® foam is not suitable for women due to the fact that it contains a higher dose of minoxidil than is recommended for them.

REGAINE® solution can be used by both men and women and is more targeted at the older market. The age limit for this product is 65.

How do I use REGAINE®?

REGAINE® is a treatment that is very easy to use and should not disrupt your daily routine. Both REGAINE® foam and solution should be applied following these steps every morning and evening. It is best however, to follow the instructions that come with the product:

Applying REGAINE® foam:

  • Having made sure that your scalp is clean and there is nothing that can interfere with REGAINE® such as styling products, expose the scalp where you intend to apply the foam
  • Measure out half a capful of foam
  • Massage the foam into the scalp, concentrating particularly on the areas of hair loss

Applying REGAINE® solution:

  • Ensure scalp is dry and part hair so that the bald areas of the scalp are completely exposed
  • Apply the solution directly to the scalp using one of the pump or spray applicators that will come with the product
  • Make sure that solution has been completely absorbed and the scalp is dry before styling hair or going to bed

The REGAINE® Routine:

  • Apply REGAINE® foam or solution once in the morning and once in the evening around 30 minutes before going to bed
  • Leave a 12 hour interval between each application
  • Follow the recommended 1ml or 1g dose
  • Massage the scalp gently when applying REGAINE® to prevent further hair damage
  • Keep to a regular routine. If you stop treatment you will lose any hair that has grown back and you will revert to your previous condition of hair loss
  • Some hair loss during the first few weeks of using REGAINE® is completely normal and shows that the treatment is working by forcing out the old damaged hair to make room for new hairs to grow
  • Patience is really important as unfortunately hair re-growth does take some time and you cannot expect results overnight. REGAINE® foam should be used for a minimum of 16 weeks and REGAINE® solution should be used for a year to achieve the best results.

It is best to follow the instructions that come with the product.

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