What are the REGAINE® Products?

REGAINE® exists in two forms; REGAINE® for Men and REGAINE® for Women. These can both treat hereditary hair loss and change the lives of people who use them. The products come in two types with a liquid solution and a foam treatment. These are applied to the scalp on the areas where you are experiencing hair loss. For men REGAINE® solution and foam are available and for women there is REGAINE® solution. The foam treatment is a relatively new product. As it contains a stronger concentration of the active ingredient minoxidil it is not suitable to be used by women. The products work in the same way for men and women and should be applied following the same instructions.

It is really important that the treatments are followed closely according to the instructions supplied with the products to ensure the best possible results for your hair condition.

When considering which product you might want to use read through all the information supplied about REGAINE® treatments. See which appeals the most to you and would suit your lifestyle.

Which REGAINE® product should I use?

Deciding on which REGAINE® product is really a matter of personal choice. Some people may prefer the foam and some may have a better experience with the solution but this just comes down to personal preference. Both products are used and applied in the same way and should produce the same results, so it is a question of which treatment appeals the most to you. The solution was the original REGAINE® product and the foam came onto the market in more recent years.

A well experienced user of ROGAINE® in the USA originally started off using the solution and although he found this to be very effective, he did report that his hair had a slightly greasy texture. When the foam became available this reviewer decided to try it out and was really satisfied with the results, especially as the foam dried quickly and made his hair stiffer.

Everyone will have different experiences with the REGAINE® products. Some men may have more success with the solution and others with the foam. It is impossible to know which product will actually be the best option for every person as people are so different and have different reactions to treatments. Regardless of which product you decide to use, the effect on your hair should be exactly the same so do not think of the decision as either right or wrong. There really is no wrong decision. Both the foam and solution have produced successful results.

For women only REGAINE® solution is available. This is because REGAINE® foam only currently comes in the form of 5% minoxidil concentration which is not recommended for women. A higher dose of minoxidil can increase the possibility of increased facial and body hair growth which is less desirable for women. Some women have used the higher dose treatment if they have found 2% solution to not be very effective. If this is the case with you and you feel that you might achieve more successful results on a higher dose of minoxidil, then consult your doctor about whether this would be a safe course of action.

It is possible to switch between products. For example if you start off using REGAINE® solution and then decide you want to try the foam or vice versa. However, if you do decide to do this you should try to make the change gradually by slowly introducing the new product. One way to do this might be to use the original product in the morning and then start using the new one for the evening application. This way the scalp has more time to adjust to the new product rather than it being a sudden change, which might help keep the effect of REGAINE® steady.

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