REGAINE® For Women

Think that hair loss is only a problem that affects men?

Well think again because around 5 million women in the UK have hereditary patterned baldness and it is estimated that 50% of women over the age of 40 will experience some sort of hereditary hair loss. Women rarely become completely bald like men with male patterned baldness but they typically experience patchy hair loss. This is unattractive and can make a women appear to be older than their actual age.

As a woman this can be a particularly distressing experience. Some women might not want to face up to the fact that hair loss is happening to them but with REGAINE® for Women they can confront this problem with complete privacy. If you are worried about treating hair loss and thinning then maybe listen to some real women who have tried this product, and have reported positive results. These personal stories can be found on both the ROGAINE® and REGAINE® websites.

If you are considering starting a course of REGAINE® then this could be you experiencing these types of results. Not just some women you have read about who have solved their hair problems but you.

REGAINE® treatments for women

The product that is on offer for women is the same as REGAINE® for Men with a solution which is applied in the same way. REGAINE® for Women solution works in the same way as the products for men with 2% concentration of the active ingredient minoxidil, which is a smaller amount than REGAINE® for Men. This is because male hair loss tends to be more extensive than hereditary hair loss and thinning in women so a greater level of minoxidil is required to re-boost hair growth. A higher dose of minoxidil means that there is an increased chance of hair growth not only on the head but also on the face and body as this ingredient stimulates the growth of hair cells. Obviously women do not want to increase hair growth anywhere but on their head which is why REGAINE® foam is not listed under the treatments recommended for women. As a result of using REGAINE® women's hair is more likely to be strengthened and its growth stimulated.

During clinical trials 4 out of 5 women reported reduced hair loss and 3 out of 5 women reported some hair grew back in 32 weeks.

How should I use REGAINE® for Women?

Women should use REGAINE® in the same way as men but may have to take into account that the solution must dry before using other hair products or styling. Just because you are using REGAINE® this does not mean that you cannot continue to use your regular styling products. As long as these aids such as mousses and gels do not interfere with the REGAINE® treatment by preventing its absorption into the scalp then they can still be used as part of your daily routine. It is only important to remember that REGAINE® should be applied to the scalp and not the hair and the hair is where the styling products must be used.

Some women may worry that using REGAINE® can become disruptive and mean that they have less time for other activities in their daily regime. However, as we all know women are much better at multitasking than men and REGAINE® can easily be slotted into the daily routine. It might be an idea to apply REGAINE® and then for 30 minutes while this dries you can complete several other tasks such as getting dressed and having breakfast. Ultimately REGAINE® is about improving your lifestyle so having one extra thing to do in the day should not be too much of a hassle.

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