Starting REGAINE®

Firstly do you have hereditary hair loss?

If this is the case then you should be able to start using REGAINE®. As long as you fit into the age categories that REGAINE® is suitable for then there should be no reason to prevent you from starting on the treatment. It is best to act as quickly as possible to limit the extent of hair loss and start to reverse this process.

To start using REGAINE® you will need to purchase an initial treatment pack. Decide which product you would like to use by reading about both the solution and foam and then buy this either in store or online. Start using the treatment straight away following the application instructions. Make sure you use REGAINE® every morning and night and you should start to notice changes in your hair condition.

How long should hair loss have been going on before I can use REGAINE®?

You can start to use REGAINE® at any stage of hereditary hair loss. It is best to start using REGAINE® in the earlier stages of hair loss as less damage has been done and you will start to notice the results more quickly. The treatment will be more likely to be most effective if it is used on a person who is fairly young, their hair loss has only just started and they only have small bald area.

This is not to suggest that REGAINE® will not be a successful treatment for people at later stages of hair loss and are a bit older. The effectiveness of REGAINE® is still reliant on its regular application. REGAINE® really is a treatment that can help people of a variety of ages who have different levels of hair loss. The main point is that if you have hereditary hair loss then REGAINE® is a suitable treatment that can help you.

Can I use REGAINE® if I have already had a hair transplant?

It is unknown whether it is possible to use hair loss and supplementary treatments following a hair transplant. It is therefore not recommended as a course of action due to the unknown consequences.

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