Can REGAINE® be used as a Precaution & Preventative Measure?

Unfortunately REGAINE® is only suitable to be used by people who actually have hereditary hair loss. It should not be used before this has started as a precaution because it will not prevent the onset of hereditary hair loss as this is caused by a genetic factor. All REGAINE® would do would cause your hair to fall out before this has naturally occurred as part of the treatment's process, and possibly permanently mess up the condition of your hair.

If there is a strong likelihood that you will develop hereditary hair loss at some point because you have seen it affect several other members of your family, then the best course of action is to keep an eye on your hair situation, so that you are able to notice if you start to lose some of it. Do some research on which product you think will suit you best. The most important thing is to not start using REGAINE® until it is actually necessary. Just enjoy the hair you have and try not to worry too much about its future.

Will REGAINE® prevent me from passing on hereditary patterned baldness to my offspring?

Hereditary patterned baldness is a genetic condition that is determined by a hereditary predisposition. It is unfortunately a condition that cannot be cured and is just one of the inevitable parts of life like getting older. If hair loss runs in your family then it is likely that it might affect you at some point. However, there is no longer reason to despair at the thought of hereditary hair loss. REGAINE® can provide an effective solution to combat the problem of hereditary hair loss. Hereditary hair loss no longer has to be a condition that you fear and believe will ruin your life. REGAINE® can treat the symptoms of balding without causing major disruption to your life. In the past people had to put up with hereditary hair loss but that is no longer the case with the development of REGAINE® and the success of its minoxidil solutions and foams.

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