Effects Of REGAINE®

Are there any side effects of using REGAINE®?

REGAINE® is a medical treatment and as with all treatments there is a possibility that you might experience some side effects. As with most medication you have ever taken there is the potential for other effects that may not be so desirable. However, most people will appreciate that these tend to be very uncommon and only emerge in certain cases where someone has an extreme reaction to medication. So when you thinking about using REGAINE® and may be worried about side effects please remember that these do not affect most people and even if they do they are often mild.

The most common side effect to experience is a headache. Most people will probably experience an increased tendency towards headaches when they first start using REGAINE® but this should reduce as you become more used to the treatment. Such a side effect is not surprising considering the fact that you apply REGAINE® to the scalp area which is closely linked with neurological pain receptors.

Other possible side effects of REGAINE® include rashes and inflammation of the skin, muscular discomfort and depression. Again these often tend to be associated with the body's initial reaction to the treatment which is foreign to it and so these symptoms may just be part of its readjustment process.

It is important to stress that these side effects only tend to occur in extreme cases and initial hair loss is to be expected due to the nature of the treatments and how they stimulate the hair cycle.

Apart from the impact on hair, are there any other positive effects of REGAINE®?

There are absolutely other positive effects. REGAINE® is not just a treatment for hereditary hair loss but also the other physical and emotional problems that are associated with hair loss. The process can be very upsetting and distressing but REGAINE® can help to reverse these feelings and restore you to your usual self. It is normal to feel stressed out and depressed as a result of hair loss and these symptoms can actually exacerbate the problem further. With REGAINE® you can begin to take control of the problem by halting the process of further hair loss and even causing new hair to grow.

The impact on your general health and state of well being should be really noticeable after using REGAINE® for a while. Confidence and self-esteem that may have been lost due to the effect of losing hair should be restored. People who have used REGAINE® and had really positive results often report that their life has been transformed by the effects of the treatment. They feel much more comfortable going about their daily life, whether that is at work, at home with their family or going out socialising. They feel that they are much more in control of their lives and able to perform tasks and enjoy social occasions far better due to the change in their moods.

Hair may seem like a trivial matter and unlikely to have far reaching effects but it is when you start to lose your hair that you begin to realise just how important it was to your sense of self and the way you lived your life.

Is there anything else I can do in accordance with using REGAINE® to increase the positive effects?

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle and a general positive outlook on life is probably one of the best things that you can do to help gain the most out of using REGAINE®. Results will not happen overnight so it is important for you remain patient and just keep going with the treatment.

It is advisable to use gentle products for washing, conditioning and styling your hair while you are using REGAINE®. This will help allow the condition of the hair to recover and become stronger as a result of using REGAINE®. Treat your hair as a delicate thing and so perhaps do not be as rough with it in terms of washing and brushing that you might have been before.

Does REGAINE® only affect the hair on my head? Will it also stimulate growth of my body hair?

As REGAINE® contains the active ingredient minoxidil which stimulates the production of the hair cycle so that hair can start to grow again it is possible that you may experience some increased growth of your body hair. However, this is only likely to be minimal and should not even be noticeable. This might be a particular concern for women but they should be reassured by the fact that REGAINE® for Women products contain only 2% concentration of minoxidil, compared to REGAINE® for Men which contains 5% concentration. This means that extra bodily hair growth is far less likely to occur in women who use REGAINE®. Men too should not be alarmed as if this does occur it should not drastically alter their appearance but simply enhance the features that they already have. As you only apply REGAINE® to the scalp this means that this is the area where hair growth is most likely to occur. REGAINE® should not be applied to any other areas of the body to avoid this type of problem from happening.

What if I spill the REGAINE® products? Will they do any damage?

If you accidentally spill some of the REGAINE® solution on your face or any other part of the body then do not panic. Simply wash the area of spillage with lots of cold water until all of the solution is gone. Mild irritation may be caused, especially if the product gets into your eyes but they should not damage the skin.

It is possible that REGAINE® products may stain some fabrics so it is advised that you allow the scalp to dry completely before wearing a hat or going to bed for example.

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