What Does REGAINE® Do?

REGAINE® is an effective remedy to the problem of hereditary hair loss. Hereditary hair loss can be a debilitating and distressing stage in life but REGAINE® can prevent further hair loss and even stimulate hair regrowth. If you feel as if you have been losing at an unnaturally fast rate and want this to stop then look no further than REGAINE®. With a simple to use foam or solution, REGAINE® can enable you to reverse the process of hair loss and restore the confidence that is often lost as a result. Hair loss may seem like a permanent condition but REGAINE® provides you with the opportunity to bring back your hair and feel like a brand new person.

People are often mistaken into thinking that hair loss is a problem that just affects men. However, this is not the case. Women are also prone to experience hair loss, though this is usually in terms of thinning of the hair. For a woman hair loss can be a particularly distressing thing as part of the female identity is associated with their hair. No longer should women suffer in silence as REGAINE® can also help combat hereditary hair loss in women with its products specially designed for female use. No more is hair loss an inevitable and unfortunate part of our lives, especially as we get older, but it is an inconvenience that can be prevented and stopped.

Hereditary hair loss can have as great a physical and psychological impact as any medical condition and its effects can harvest themselves in many ways. Hair can often be one of the physical characteristics that define us as individuals, and so losing it can be like losing a part of ourselves. It is no longer necessary to suffer from the psychological and emotional debilitations that often accompany hair loss as REGAINE® can offer a simple and subtle resolution to this problem. It does not involve a medical procedure or the taking of medication but the application of either a foam or solution to the affected areas of the scalp. REGAINE® will not disrupt your daily lifestyle and its relatively inexpensive price means that it is accessible to almost everyone who wants to stop their hair loss and stimulate its return.

REGAINE® products have already been successfully distributed in the United States of America under the name ROGAINE® and have produced literally life changing results for many people. Here are some of the main points people have made about REGAINE® and the really effective and successful results it has produced:

  • No longer do you have to accept going bald
  • You can have a fuller head of hair and your bald patches should fill up
  • You may feel self-conscious and insecure about your hair loss but this can be overcome by using REGAINE®

If people can try using REGAINE® and experience fantastic results then there is no reason why you cannot. Do not sit back and accept the inevitable hair loss and baldness but say no with REGAINE®! You do not have to wait for the situation to get really bad but act now and make a very positive change to your hair condition with REGAINE®.

REGAINE® treats hereditary patterned baldness which is a condition that can affect both men and women. We tend to think of hair loss as being caused by stress and getting older but in 95% of cases the cause of hair loss is hereditary.

How do I know if my hair loss is hereditary?

Are you over the age of 18 and have begun to see that your hair is thinner and even falling out at a rapid rate? Have you noticed that several members of your family are balding or have experienced significant hair loss? If this sounds like you then it is highly probable that you have hereditary patterned baldness. This will have been caused by a genetic predisposition to hair loss that runs in your family.

As we grow older it is likely that we will all begin to notice that our hair is thinning. For people with hereditary patterned baldness this will often start to occur at an early stage in life and will be much more noticeable. The average age of onset for hereditary patterned baldness is in the 20s and 30s, but this tends to be at a slightly older age for women and can coincide with the menopause.

The condition of hereditary patterned baldness is caused by the genes shrinking the hair follicles which makes them unable to produce new hair. The hair cycle cannot regenerate and it becomes dormant as a result of this shrinking effect. As this lack of hair growth continues due to the influence of the genetic factor, the existing hair becomes much weaker and thinner. It will not be replaced by new hair and eventually growth will completely stop and the individual will only experience the loss of their current hair.

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