Does REGAINE® Work For Everyone?

REGAINE® has been successfully received by people and the high success rate of the treatments has been reflected in the clinical trials that were conducted for both men and women:

  • In the clinical trials for REGAINE® for Women the solution successfully halted further hair loss in 4 out of 5 cases and hair was grown back hair in 3 out of 5 women after they had used the solution for 32 weeks
  • During the clinical trials for REGAINE® for Men hair loss was reduced in 4 out of 5 men

There are some factors that will affect the results of REGAINE® for both men and women:

  • How common hereditary patterned baldness is in your family
  • How long you have been experiencing hair loss
  • Where the hair loss is on your scalp

To help achieve the best possible results it is important to follow the REGAINE® routine precisely by applying the products twice a day in the morning and evening.

Who is REGAINE® best suited and most effective for?

Firstly to use REGAINE® you must have hereditary hair loss rather than another type of hair loss that is caused by a different factor. If this is the case for you then REGAINE® would be a suitable and effective treatment.

REGAINE® is specifically aimed at a younger market and is not designed to be used by anyone over the age of 65. Individual products have different age criteria so it is important to check the instructions when deciding which product is most suited to you. As hereditary hair loss is a problem that can begin at a fairly young age, REGAINE® has developed treatments that are capable of targeting this at an early stage and preventing the problem from getting worse. However, REGAINE® can still be used effectively at more advanced stages of hair loss.

REGAINE® can treat both male and female hereditary hair loss. The products are specifically designed to meet the different needs of men and women who suffer from hair loss as male baldness tends to be more advanced and requires a higher concentration of treatment than female baldness.

There is no one type of person who is best suited to using REGAINE® and will achieve the most visible results. Each person is different and so they will have their own experiences with REGAINE®. As long as you fit the initial criteria for using REGAINE® and use the products in accordance with the instructions then there should be no reason for not improving your hair condition.

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