What Results can I Expect from REGAINE® and How Long Does it Take to Work?

Hair growth is not a fast process and patience is a must. Every persons hair cycle will work at its own pace and it may be that you have a particularly fast or slow rate of hair growth. It is important not to judge the results of using REGAINE® on other people's experience as it does not necessarily reflect the situation for everyone. Of course you want to see results straight away but unfortunately most long-term changes do not happen overnight. It could take up to 16 weeks until you start to see visible signs of hair replacement. This may seem like a very long time but consider whether you would rather wait 4 months and have a revived head of hair, or give up and go back to the process of balding. It is really important to persevere with the treatment and your hard work should not go unrewarded.

After 2 weeks of using REGAINE® products it is normal to experience some hair loss. This does not mean that you should panic and discontinue using REGAINE®, thinking that it is having the opposite effect on your hair. In fact it is a positive sign as it means that REGAINE® is working and a new hair cycle is beginning. For you to be able to grow stronger and thicker hair, the unhealthy hair needs to be removed to make room for this new growth. This initial hair loss may feel displeasing but it is only temporary and should not last longer than 2 weeks.

The worst part is now over and you should begin to get used to using REGAINE® and fitting it into your life. By week 8 it is possible that you may see some signs of early new hair growth. However, if you do not it is important to carry on following the same routine and remember that good things come to those who wait. You may not be experiencing the growth of new hairs but you should start to notice signs of reduced hair loss such as when washing and combing your hair. These are really positive signs and reflect the effort that you have been putting into the treatment.

After about 4 months most people will notice a definite improvement to the condition of their hair as a result of using REGAINE®. Hair loss should have been reduced noticeably to the point where it is not happening anymore and it is possible that you are now growing new hairs. It was at this stage that 9 out of 10 men who participated in the clinical trials for REGAINE® foam reported that they had kept or grown back their hair. If you have not experienced any improvements at all having been using REGAINE® foam for 4 months you should discontinue use. If your hair has started to grow back it is likely that it will be soft and delicate initially but after continued treatment it should become the same thickness and colour as the rest of your hair and so blend in.

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