Hair Care & Maintenance Regime Whilst Using REGAINE®

A normal hair care routine can still be followed while using REGAINE® but you might want to consider which products you use for shampooing, conditioning and styling your hair. It is not essential to alter the products you use for your hair but it is recommended that you switch to a gentle shampoo and conditioner. To help achieve the best possible results REGAINE® foam or solution should be applied to the scalp at least 4 hours before getting the hair wet. Hair styling products such as mousse, gel and wax can be applied once the foam and solution have dried.

If you want to wash your hair before applying REGAINE® then this is fine so long as you allow the scalp to dry completely before its application. This is to ensure that the solution does not become diluted by the moisture in the hair.

REGAINE® should be allowed to dry naturally so you should only use a hairdryer to dry your hair before this is to be applied. If you use heat to dry the solution or foam then this will cause them to evaporate before they are absorbed into the scalp and so reduce the positive effects of REGAINE®. Drying your hair on a high heat frequently can damage the hair so try to avoid doing this as you are trying to strengthen the hair with REGAINE® rather than causing further hair loss. However, it is fine to continue to use a hairdryer as normal but on a gentle heat setting. All brushing and combing of the hair should be gentle to minimise the hair breakage.

If my hair does grow back will it be the same colour as my normal hair?

The hair follicles will be stimulated by the minoxidil in REGAINE® which should cause a new hair cycle and so the return of hair growth. These will be the hairs that you used to grow naturally but have simply been given a helping hand by REGAINE®. So fingers crossed your hair will grow back and look the same as it did before the hair loss started. There is no 100% guarantee that this new hair will be exactly the same colour as your normal hair but it is most likely that it will be the same colour, or of a slightly different shade that would still blend with the rest of your hair.

Most people might be put off using a treatment like REGAINE® out of concern that your hair will not look natural and will be a different colour. However, REGAINE® does not produce false or synthetic hair like a wig that can look unnatural. It is your own hair that you are growing back and so is one of the only hair loss treatments to provide entirely natural results. Ultimately what is going to be more natural and look like your own hair colour than your own hair?

Will this new hair be as strong and durable as my original hair?

The hair that may be regrown should actually be stronger than the hair that it is replacing. The original hair would have been weak due to the effect of hereditary hair loss. As the minoxidil in REGAINE® works by increasing the blood pressure to the hair follicles and so prompting a new hair cycle to start, the new hair will be much more healthy and resilient. It will not have been damaged by the hair thinning and falling out and REGAINE® solution or foam treats the condition of the hair and makes it stronger. In order to maintain and increase the strength of your hair it might be worth using some supplementary hair care products that are gentle and avoiding putting hair into contact with harsh heat and chemicals such as hairdryers on high temperatures and hair dyes.

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