How Much Does REGAINE ® Cost?

Most people automatically assume that something as potentially life altering as REGAINE® must cost a fortune. The current market for hair loss treatments and therapies is often perceived as being expensive and only for the rich and famous. However, REGAINE® is one treatment that will not set you back massively.

Prices for the REGAINE® products will vary according to different retailers and whether items are bought individually or in bulk.

The approximate prices for each product are as follows:

REGAINE® Single Foam Pack £35

REGAINE® Triple Foam Pack £70

REGAINE® Solution Single Pack £35

REGAINE® Solution Triple Pack £70

As you can see the costs for the foam and solution are roughly equal so it is important that you are not swayed by price when deciding which treatment to follow. Every person is different with their own needs and lifestyle and it may be that one product is more suited to your life than the other. You want to get the best results out of whichever product you use so you should consider which will meet your requirements best.

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