How do I Use Minoxidil?

When Minoxidil is used for hair loss it is applied to the scalp regardless of which form it takes. Usually this is done twice daily (if you are unsure how to use any medication always consult the bottle). More precisely, for the 2% and 5% solutions you should put 1ml of the solution onto a dry head in the morning and evening (though a slightly damp scalp is acceptable). With the 12% solution there is a difference in that rather than starting off on the full dose of 1ml you start off on 0.5ml and over the course of several days, work your way up to the full 1ml that is recommended. It is important, according to the Belgravia Centre, that you never put Minoxidil onto any open cuts or sores, or sunburnt or irritated scalps. Nor should you use it if you are a pregnant woman. Once the Minoxidil has been applied, it is generally recommended that you wait between ten and fifteen minutes before brushing your hair to allow the saturation of the solution into the hair follicles.

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