Androcentric Alopecia & Minoxidil

No one actually knows for sure how Minoxidil works but it is thought that it has an effect on the way the hair follicles are structured, though what effect it has is still unknown. What is known, however, is that Minoxidil works by enlarging these follicles and causing the growth phase of the hair cycle to increase which means that the hair is given time to become thicker than it otherwise would.

Does it transplant over to hair loss

Some argue that this increase in hair follicles which are going through the growth phase means that there is better coverage of the area that Minoxidil is applied to. Others question whether it is the vasodilating effect that Minoxidil has (the same reason for which it is used in high blood pressure tablets) which causes it to be such a potent hair loss treatment, though the article offers no concrete answers. The official website for Regaine, however, states explicitly that it is the vasodilation caused by Minoxidil that causes the hair re-growth. A further complication, along with not knowing how it works, is added by the simple fact that Minoxidil does not have an average effect (such as mild hair re-growth with a small amount of deviation on either side) but instead its effectiveness varies wildly from almost no visible effect, to a large amount of re-growth of hair. Whether Minoxidil works for you or not appears to be nothing more than lottery at the moment, though that it can have an astonishing effect is undeniable.

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