How Much Does Minoxidil Cost?

When looking at the cost there are two things you need to be aware of. The first is which strength you are going for because the stronger solutions cost more. The second is which product you are going for because there are three main ways in which Minoxidil is available. These are the traditional shampoo, foam, and gel. Before choosing the product and looking at the cost you need to choose which of the three strengths you will be using as the strength will affect the cost.

Prices of Minoxidil

The price can range wildly from around £12 for a single 60ml bottle of regular strength Regaine to £125.96 for a six month supply of extra strength Regaine. In the end the cost depends on where you look (search around as you will generally be able to find it at discount prices on various websites) and how much you are willing to buy at any one time. Generally it is better to buy it in bulk (as with everything else) as this makes it cheaper, and, because it is something you will have to use indefinitely, then it is worth shopping around and getting larger orders to bring down the cost.

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