Is Minoxidil for Me?

A difficult question, are you experiencing hair loss? If yes, and it's because of male pattern baldness, then Minoxidil may be able to help. It should be made clear, though, that you should only use Minoxidil if you are experiencing male pattern baldness (to work out whether you have male pattern baldness ask family members whether there is any history of balding in your family on either side, if there is then it is likely that you are experiencing androcentric alopecia).

Different products and concentrations

If you are experiencing hair loss at all then you should consult your doctor, and if it is male pattern baldness, then Minoxidil may be one solution to reversing hair loss. As mentioned above the two most common strengths of Minoxidil that are available on the market are the 2% and the 5% solutions. These solutions are found in the form of lotions, foams and gels. However, other strengths and products are available though they are less common than those mentioned above. These mainly take the form of creams and range from 12% solutions up to 30%. It is thought that they are more effective because they allow more of the Minoxidil to reach the hair follicle and therefore have a greater effect.

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