What is Minoxidil Gel?

Minoxidil in gel form first became available in the UK in 2005 and has since become popular. The first question that needs to be answered when looking at Minoxidil gel is 'why you should use it'. There are many reasons why Minoxidil in gel form may be used. It is thought that a lot of the reason the 2% and 5% solutions are not as effective as they might be is because of the sebaceous glands around the hair follicles. These glands release sebum which is thought to block the Minoxidil from getting down into the root of the follicle, and therefore limiting its effectiveness. The gel, on the other hand, while coming also in the 2% and 5% solutions also comes as a 15% concentrate (which as has been shown above enhances the effectiveness of Minoxidil), but it also contains Dexpathenol which breaks down the sebum. This allows more Minoxidil to enter into the follicle root and thus makes it more effective, which in turn means that the dosage required can be reduced to 1ml daily rather than 2ml daily for the other solutions. Added to this, there is the additional benefit that unlike many of the solutions on the market that contain alcohol (which dries out the scalp and can lead to flaking) the gel contains an ingredient, mysteriously called the 'carrier solution' which neutralises the alcohol and so the problem of flaking is removed entirely. While Minoxidil is available without prescription, you should be aware that like all other products containing Minoxidil there are side effects though for most part they are minor. If, though, you do exhibit side effects, you are advised to stop using the gel and if they persist to should consult your doctor.

Price of Minoxidil Gel and conclusions

The price is a factor that needs to be considered. The price of Minoxidil gel, like all other forms of medication containing Minoxidil, varies depending on where you look, though on average it is around £20 for a 60ml bottle at 2% which is considered to be a months' worth of supply. This means that while it is comparable in price to other Minoxidil products, there is a slight price difference with the gel being a bit more costly. However, if you suffer from the side effect of a dry scalp then it may be worth looking into as an alternative.

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