What is Minoxidil Foam?

Since 2007 Minoxidil has been available in a new form; that of foam. When looking at Minoxidil in the form of foam a number of questions must be asked with regard to whether it is worth using; first is it how it works and is it similar in treatment to the solution version? Secondly is it as effective (or more or less than) as the ordinary shampoo solution; thirdly how much does it cost in comparison to the liquid form; what are the side effects; and finally is it worth you using it? When looking at the foam version it is important to remember that the foam is in essence the same as the shampoo (only in foam form). It was developed because the lotion contains Propylene Glycol which regularly causes itching and flaking of the users scalp. The foam stops itching and flaking altogether which means that it can be used by more people than the solution which gives it an immediate advantage over the latter. It works through being a 'potassium channel opener' which means that while the way it works is not fully understood, it is known that potassium can help regrow hair. It also supposedly has a higher rate of success than even Finasteride which means that it is therefore the most successful product on the market. It must be stressed, however, that the differences are only minute with Finasteride working in 83% of cases and Regaine foam 85%.

Cost of Minoxidil foam

Now we need to look at how much it costs compared to the other Minoxidil products. In comparison with other products containing Minoxidil it is similar in price; a six month supply of the foam costs around £90. This puts it comfortably in the same price range as the other solutions and so therefore, if you suffer from a flaky scalp when you used the lotion version, it is an affordable alternative. The side effects of Minoxidil foam are similar to those of the solution, the main difference being that unlike the solution the foam is not suitable for use by women. It is advisable that you do not use it (like the solution) if you suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems, or if you are taking any medicine. You are also advised not to smoke during or immediately after using it. As with the other forms of Minoxidil, before beginning a course of treatment consult your doctor first.


In the end when looking at Minoxidil foam as an alternative to the solution all the signs appear that it is a good one. There are many advantages to using the foam, even if you are using the solution. It has the advantage of being less irritating to the scalp, it dries quicker than the solution, and finally in the trials carried out, it has the best rate of hair regrowth of all the alternatives on the market. An added factor to this, finally, is the similarities in the pricing of the two products.

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