Taking Minoxidil when Pregnant

There has been some question about the effects of Minoxidil on pregnant women. However, it is generally accepted that there are some side effects and the consensus is that pregnant women should consult their doctor before using Minoxidil, and most people agree flatly that you should not use Minoxidil at all (of any strength) during pregnancy. In America the FDA put the drug in the C category when it is being used for pregnant women. Furthermore studies conducted on rabbits have also shown that there was an increase of foetal abortion.

While Minoxidil is considered safe for men to use, there is still an air of mystery surrounding its use by women. In general, while Minoxidil at a 2% solution safe for use by women, if you are considering using then you should consult your doctor. Furthermore, if you are pregnant then you should probably not use it at all as it can have a harmful effect.

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