History of Minoxidil

For those of us going bald, Minoxidil had been around since the late 1980s when it was first prescribed by doctors. It is one of two main treatments that are used to stop, or even reverse, hair loss. The other being Finasteride. When looking at Minoxidil, you must first be aware of its history, as it had an interesting birth into the hair loss industry. Initially, Minoxidil was developed as a pill to be taken for hypertension (for which it is still used); however, patients taking the drug reported that as a result of the drug they experienced mild hair regrowth. This led it to being developed as a cure for the loss of hair where it was first sold in the USA under the name Rogaine, before being sold in the UK under the name Regaine (there is no difference between the two except for branding). When looking at using Minoxidil you should be aware that though it can help stop hair loss, it is not a 'miracle cure' as was thought when it first came out. It comes mainly in the form of a lotion though in recent years it has also been developed into a gel or even foam. In all forms it is applied to the scalp twice daily, usually in the morning and last thing at night. As a hair loss product it comes in three main strengths, 2%, 5% and 12%, with the 2% and 5% solutions being the most common variety available.

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