Side Effects of Minoxidil

While there are side effects to every medicine on the market (as Minoxidil was originally developed to be), those usually experienced by people who use it for hair loss tend to range from nothing to mild for men, and for women (unless pregnant). Before going on to discuss the potential side effects of Minoxidil you should be aware that if you develop any of the side effects discussed below for more than a couple of days then you should consult your doctor (and stop using Minoxidil for the time being).

The main side effects of Minoxidil

There are four minor side effects that may be experienced when using Minoxidil, these are; change in body hair; increase of hair growth; nausea including physical sickness, and weight gain. On top of these mild side effects there are, however, a number of severe ones that may be experienced. These may include tightness of the chest, swelling of the face, breaking out in hives, increased heart rate, light headedness, and excessive weight gain. The website, though goes on to write that the list above is by no means comprehensive and that if you should experience any kind of side effect when using Minoxidil then you should cease using it and if it persists consult your doctor. It is interesting to note, however, that the foam version of Regaine, has the added side effect of the possibility of changing your hair colour and texture. A final warning needs to be added to this section that you should not use Minoxidil if you are suffering from heart problems or are taking drugs for hypertension already.

As with taking any drug, there are dangers associated with Minoxidil. However, the dangers generally do not lead to any serious problems, though it is thought that five deaths can be linked to the use of the drug as a hair loss treatment. It should be noted, however, that this is an exceedingly low number considering the numbers of people who use Minoxidil every year.

Which Parts of the Body can Minoxidil be Applied to?

While Minoxidil can be applied to other parts of the body, such as eyebrows, and will work, it is not necessarily recommended on the basis that it was developed for use on the head. If, though you choose to apply it to other parts of the body then do so, but at your own risk. You should also be aware especially if you are going to use Minoxidil to re-grow your eyebrows that you do not want to get it your eyes.

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