What is Minoxidil Cream?

Before looking at Minoxidil in cream form, and whether it is as effective as other forms of medication which contain Minoxidil, a few questions must first be answered; how strong it is in comparison to other medications; how it works; any side effects, and cost. Minoxidil cream is usually stronger than the lotions or foams that are available typically being 12.5% or 15% in strength in comparison to the lotions, though it can come in concentrations of up to 30%. You should be warned, however, that between users there is some debate as to whether the 30% is worth using so this article will focus on the 12.5% and 15% creams. The 12.5% cream comes as a mixture of Minoxidil (12.5%) and Azelaic acid (5%), while the 15% contains Minoxidil only. These two are mixed in together because while the Minoxidil allows for the dilation of the blood vessels around the hair follicles, the Azelaic acid ensures that the blood that goes to the hair is healthy.

Different concentrations and conclusions

Before choosing to use the cream you need to be aware that it is available through prescription only because of its strength, and is not available to women. While there are many side effects to using Minoxidil cream, they are the same as those for the other solutions. The writes that having treated thousands of patients with the cream they estimate that around 1% of those using it experience any side effects, a comparatively small figure. The effectiveness of the cream as a treatment appears to be similar to the shampoos, with about 65% of those using it seeing an affect and about half of those again seeing moderate to dense hair re-growth. From looking at this, it is therefore up to you whether you use the cream or the lotion. The only difference, and its main advantage, appears to be that it is significantly less messy in application than the lotion (though no less than the gel or foam).

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