What are the Sexual Side Effects of Propecia | Hair Loss & Hair Transplant Surgery Guide

Some of the side effects of Propecia can affect sexual function in some men. This is a rare side effect that has been reported in 1% of Propecia users but nevertheless it can sometimes be a problem. Some men experience a decreased sexual desire whereas others experience impotence. This is where the erection is either non-existent, does not last for a sufficient amount of time or is not firm enough for sexual intercourse. Some men also experience decreased ejaculation as they have a lower sperm count. However, there are some mixed reports in this area. Some men find their sex drive fluctuates throughout the use of the Propecia during the first couple of months and some even experience an increased sex drive. This is because your blood stream will now have approximately 9% more testosterone circulating in it than usual because the enzyme that breaks it down is inhibited by Propecia. Therefore, your body is trying to get used to the differing levels of hormones in your blood and subsequently, your sex drive may change.

Although rare, this is a side effect that many men could do without and some men will stop taking Propecia in order to reverse these side effects. And they are reversible, for a few weeks after stopping Propecia treatment, sexual function returns to normal. However, there have been a few reports that full sexual function does not always return after you stop using Propecia but these are a rarity. Nevertheless, this side effect has been deemed significant enough to appear in the product information.

If you are experiencing these symptoms but wish to stay on Propecia medication then you can consult your doctor for an alternative. They may be able to prescribe you erectile dysfunction drugs that can help to alleviate the symptoms without stopping the course of Propecia. The drug will not affect your fertility levels even though it does reduce your amount of ejaculation.

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