Can I Take Propecia with Hair Transplant Surgery? | Hair Loss & Hair Transplant Surgery Guide

In some cases, multiple treatments are used to tackle the issue of hair loss, especially Propecia and hair transplantation. These two forms of treatment have been used together as their effects on hair loss seem to complement each other quite nicely.

Hair transplantation is where you undergo surgery to move follicles from one area of your body, to your hair loss area. The follicles that you move are usually resistant to the type of hair loss you are experiencing through male pattern hair loss. These follicles will then continue to grow in their new environment and your hair loss should soon be less apparent. However, there are a number of issues with hair transplantation, which is why Propecia is used along side the surgery.

One reason for the use of Propecia is that hair transplantation on its own does not stop your hair that already exists from gradually falling out over time. Therefore it does not prevent hair loss but rather it covers up the areas already affected by hair loss with new hair. Propecia on the other hand, is quite effective at preventing further hair loss so the idea is that if you use Propecia after undergoing a hair transplant then you will both minimize the effects of hair loss and have new hair growing in its place.

Another effect of the hair transplantation surgery is that you may experience "shock loss". This is where your hair that is still growing on the area where follicles have been transplanted, start to fall out due to the shock of the surgery. However, if Propecia is taken alongside the surgery, then it can minimize the damage to the existing hair and hopefully initiate regrowth.

The final reason that Propecia is used alongside hair transplantation is that they complement each other well. Propecia is best at promoting hair growth on the crown of the head whereas hair transplantation is more effective at the front of the head. If you use both treatments at the same time, you can essentially deal with hair loss that is occurring on both the top of your head and the sides and front.

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