Does Hair Start Shedding with Propecia? | Hair Loss & Hair Transplant Surgery Guide

When you start taking Propecia, you expect your hair loss to stop and hair to regrow. So naturally it comes as quite a shock when it starts falling out around you. So why is this happening? Is Propecia not working?

The answer to this is your hair is undergoing a process called shedding and it is perfectly normal in the first few months of Propecia treatment. It does not mean that your body is not responding to Propecia or that the medication is causing the opposite effect. Shedding has to occur in order for your new hair to grow. The way Propecia works is that it stops your current growth cycle and starts a new healthier cycle. Therefore, the hair strand that is in the middle of a growth cycle will fall out and will later be replaced by a new stronger hair strand. The fact that your hair is actually shedding shows that your follicles are responding to the Propecia treatment.

Shedding is not hair loss

A misconception about shedding is that you are losing more hair. This is in fact not true. Yes you are losing hair strands but they will soon be replaced by stronger, healthier hair strand. There is no need to panic because this apparent "hair loss" will soon be replaced.

How long does shedding last?

Usually, shedding should stop after the first three months of treatment. However, this can vary from male to male as Propecia has different effects depending on the individual using it. By six months of treatment, shedding should have completely stopped. If the shedding has not fully stopped after 6 months then feel free to consult your doctor. Usually you will need to wait at least a year to determine whether this type of treatment is working correctly.

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