How Much does Propecia Cost? | Hair Loss & Hair Transplant Surgery Guide

How Much does Propecia Cost?

The NHS does not fund the use of Propecia treatment for hair loss so you will be given a private prescription for the medication. Therefore you need to take this to your local pharmacy and you will be required to pay for your Propecia treatment. There may also be an additional charge by the pharmacy, which is called a dispensing charge.

The price of Propecia varies depending on where you go to buy it but for a one months supply – which is 28 tablets- it will cost approximately £59.00 and three months worth will cost £154.00. This works out to cost around £2.00 per tablet. Therefore, in the long term, Propecia is quite an expensive treatment However, it is a cheaper method of hair loss treatment than hair transplantation which can set you back a minimum of £2000 depending on what technique is used and how many grafts you have.

Can you buy Propecia online?

There are online pharmacies where you can buy your prescription. Most do not disclose the price of Propecia treatment until you have completed an online consultation. If you are diagnosed with male pattern baldness and prescribed Propecia, then you will be sent your prescription by post. However, it is important to stress that there are a number of "fake" propecia websites so proceed with caution when buying medication online.

What is generic Propecia?

The name Propecia is patented by the company Merck and Co that manufactures it. However recently, it has come off the patent and has gained a license to be sold at pharmacies under a generic name Finasteride. It is no different to Propecia except that it does not have a brand name- it is still the same 1mg dosage and should still be taken in the same way.

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