What is the Dosage for Finasteride?

As with all drugs, getting the correct dosage for finasteride is extremely important. When used as a hair loss treatment the dosage of finasteride is usually much weaker than it is when used for prostate enlargement. You should always follow your doctor's advice when taking any medication including finasteride. Failure to do so could lead to adverse reactions.

What is the Standard Dose of Finasteride?

The standard dose of finasteride to treat male pattern baldness is one 1 mg tablet every day. This has been shown to produce results in the majority of men suffering from hair loss. Treatment for female pattern baldness or hirsutism often requires a standard dose. This is usually between one 1. 25 mg tablet per day and one 2. 5 mg tablet a day.

When used to treat the enlargement of the prostate finasteride is prescribed in much stronger doses. This is normally one 5 mg tablet per day. This will be the dose if you require treatment for an enlarged prostate as well as treatment for hair loss. In this situation, you should not take more than 5 mg a day unless told to by your doctor.

These dosages are the standard dose but should not be used as an alternative to medical advice. Not everyone responds to medication in the same way and it may be that you require a lesser or stronger dose. To get the correct dose of finasteride for your body and your condition it is imperative that you seek medical advice.

How Should Finasteride Be Taken?

You should always take finasteride following your doctor's instructions. This means taking the exact dose that your doctor prescribes, without altering your own dose or missing and then doubling up on doses as this can stop finasteride from having the desired effect. This means that you should always ensure that you have plenty of your medication. You can do this by filling your prescription at least one week before you run out of medication. This ensures that if there are any problems getting your medication there is time for them to be resolved.

Generally, finasteride should be taken at the same time every day with a glass of water. You do not need to have food alongside your finasteride although you can if this makes it easier to fit into your schedule.

When taking finasteride you will need regular blood tests to ensure that you do not develop any unwanted side effects such as prostate cancer. This will involve testing the levels of prostate specific antigen, which is commonly known as PSA, in your blood. You should attend all of these scheduled appointments without missing any.

Finasteride should be kept away from direct light, moisture, and high temperatures. You should ensure that your pills are kept out of reach of others and that the packaging is sealed tightly after use.

What Should I Do if I Miss or Repeat a Dose of Finasteride?

If you miss a dose of finasteride and do not notice until it is time to take your next dose you should never double up on the tablets. Missing one dose is unlikely to have an effect on your treatment and you should skip the one missed dose. If you get into the habit of regularly missing doses of finasteride, you should speak to your doctor about a better system or treatment for you.

If you overdose on finasteride by taking an extra dose, you should seek medical advice immediately. Although it is unlikely that you will suffer from life- threatening symptoms after overdosing on finasteride, this is not certain. Everyone reacts differently to medication and overdosing can be more serious in some than it is in others.

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