What Are the Risks and Dangers of Finasteride?

There are some risks associated with finasteride that you should be aware of before seeking treatment.

Does Finasteride Have an Effect on Your Sexual Life?

In rare cases, finasteride has been reported to reduce sexual libido. This means that you will become less interested in sex after taking finasteride. It is not possible to judge whether you will suffer from this side effect before you start taking finasteride so you should make sure that you are aware of it as a possibility.

Finasteride can also cause other sex related side effects. It can cause impotence due to the inability to maintain an erection during intercourse this is a rare side effect, which touches less than one in fifty patients however, it can be detrimental to your life if it does effect you.

Another sexual side effect of finasteride is decreased ejaculation. Some patients report that they produce and ejaculate less semen than they did prior to treatment. This is not a dangerous side effect but can be alarming if it occurs.

These risks are a result of the effects of finasteride on the prostate. It is possible that they will cause the prostate to shrink in size, which can have an effect on sex drive and the ability to get or maintain an erection.

Does Finasteride in the Semen Effect Pregnant Women?

Although pregnant women should avoid taking and handling finasteride it does not pose a threat to the foetus through the semen of their partner. Therefore, it is not necessary for a man to stop taking the drug if trying to conceive or once you have conceived.

Does Finasteride Cause or Prevent Prostate Cancer?

It is believed that taking finasteride can decrease your chance of developing prostate cancer due to its effects on the prostate. By shrinking the prostate, it is believed that you are 25 % less likely to develop prostate cancer. However, it has also been found that people on finasteride who do develop prostate cancer are more likely to develop high- grade prostate cancer, which is hard to catch in its early stages due to its rapid progression.

Does Finasteride Increase Your Risk of Developing Other Cancers?

It is believed that finasteride can increase your chances of developing breast cancer, whether you are a male or a female. This occurs in rare cases because finasteride can cause the growth of the breasts due to the hormonal changes that it makes. As there is more breast tissue, you have more of a risk of developing breast cancer. If you are on finasteride, you should check your breast tissue regularly and seek medical advice if you notice any changes or irregularities.

Can Finasteride Cause Depression?

Studies have shown that finasteride can cause depression and as a result, it is rarely prescribed to people who have had depression in the past or who have a high risk of developing depression. Finasteride is seen to have an effect on the brain, which can change its behavioural problems leading to depression. If you start to develop any of the symptoms of depression whilst taking finasteride you should speak to the prescribing doctor as they may recommend that you change your dose.

How Can the Side Complications of Finasteride be Treated?

Most of the complications related to finasteride use are treated by stopping the medication. They can also be treated by altering the dose. The packaging warns you of the side effects of finasteride and claims that they are reversible. However, some doctors argue that the side effects of finasteride are irreversible and that there is no treatment for them. More research needs to be done into the treatment of finasteride side effects before this can be disproven or proven.

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