Are there different types of Inman Aligner? | Dental Treatment Guide

In short, yes there are different types of Inman Aligner available. At present there are four different kinds that together compose Inman Family. The different Inman Aligners are employed as a solution to fix misaligned teeth and bite. These include:

  • Inman Aligner Standard: This version comprises of springs, which work together to resolve overcrowding, as well as anterior rotations. This aligner is effective in this process as it has mechanisms that act both in front and behind your teeth.
  • Invisible Inman Aligner: Similarly to the standard aligner, this type also employs lingual constituents to straighten teeth. However, the retainer in this particular Inman Aligner is "invisible" to provide strong and discrete effects.

Further Information about the Inman Aligner

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