How long will treatment with the Inman Aligner take? | Dental Treatment Guide

Depending on the complexity of the case, the Inman Aligner can produce results between 6 and 16 weeks. Where there is little crowding and teeth are not too seriously misaligned, patients can see completed treatment in just over a month, whereas for more serious misalignment the full treatment time may be around four months. It is usual for the front teeth of the lower jaw to realign a little faster than those of the upper jaw. The dentist dealing with your case will be able to advise a realistic time-frame for your treatment.

When comparing the Inman Aligner treatment time with that of alternative systems, such as invisible braces, it has been found when using the Inman Aligner, treatment time is much shorter. Due to the removable nature of the appliance, success and time-frames are directly affected by the amount of time the Aligner is worn each day – quite simply, the longer you wear it, the quicker the results. The general guideline for daily wear is 20 hours, seven days a week.

Further Information about the Inman Aligner

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