What are the advantages/disadvantages of the Inman Aligner? | Dental Treatment Guide

The Inman Aligner is a device used to straighten teeth over a period of around one to four months. The aligner is becoming increasingly popular due to its speed of effectiveness as well as the ability to remove the aligner when you so choose (although this may affect the straightening process). As with most other pieces of dental equipment employed to improve the teeth's appearance, the Inman Aligner has a number of advantages and disadvantages to be considered before you pay to get one installed.

Advantages of the Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is ideal if you are a suitable candidate and you wish to get straighter teeth quickly. This innovative device is very popular for a number of beneficial reasons, primarily:

  • Rapid results that you can see immediately.
  • The brace is removable, however you should not remove it unless advised to do so.
  • Many deem the Inman Aligner to be rather cost effective as it is normally cheaper than conventional braces.
  • You will only require one aligner, as opposed to having to invest in replacements.

Disadvantages of the Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner does have some disadvantages and limitations such as only being active on the front four teeth of the upper and lower jaws. Further disadvantages that you should consider include:

  • As mentioned above, the Inman Aligner will only work on straightening the front four teeth. Therefore, if you wish to straighten teeth further back, you may require a more extensive brace.
  • The aligner is somewhat more bulky than other options such as Invisalign, which makes them slightly more obvious.
  • Not very many clinics offer treatment with the Inman Aligner system as of yet, however this number is increasing and the procedure becomes more demanded.

Further Information about the Inman Aligner

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